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Coffee Hula Pie Ice Cream Cake

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A creamy mousse base, coffee ice cream, and macadamia nut/meringue topping make up this ice cream cake for a nod to one of our favourite Summer desserts...Hula Pie!

*Contains gelatine   

Cakes serve 8-10 people and are 9" x 2". 

Celebrating something special? Add candles!


Topping: Dark chocolate, Sugar, Glucose, Gelatine, Egg whites, Macadamia nuts, Coffee beans

Ice Cream: Organic whole milk, Cream, Cane sugar, Milk Powder, Egg yolk, Coffee, Locust bean gum, Salt

Centre Layer: Dark chocolate, Cocoa powder, Sugar, Glucose, Butter, Cocoa nib

Mousse Base: Egg Yolk, Sugar, Cream, Almond paste, Marcona almond, Gelatine


Dairy, Egg, Nuts (Almonds, Macadamia)